Google Rolls Out Another Service,Calls It google helpouts

Google Helpouts Promises ‘Real Help
from Real People in Real Time’ — for a
Price. Want to learn how to play the guitar? Teach someone yourself?
You know how nowadays when you need help with something, you might Skype or FaceTime with someone in lieu of actual face time.
Have conversations that sometimes involve the phrases “You’re frozen again!” and
“Can you still hear me?”
Google wants to bring that into our living
rooms, live video and all. It’s called Google
(because MeetingPlace was taken,
and Helpouts is hipper) and some of the people who currently appear there will chat with you for free. Others — the majority, that is — will charge you a flat fee per session, or a dollar amount per minute.
If, for instance, you want to “discuss workout plans, exercise technique, injuries (like back pain), nutrition” with Ben Matlak, a personal trainer and strength coach with multiple certs, he’ll be happy to schedule a session with you or $20 a pop — or $1 a minute.
If you’d rather learn to play the guitar, read music,improvise over chord changes, write charts for a band and pickup songs by ear, Musician’s Institute (GIT) graduate Rob Michael will give you an hour for $75.
Once you’ve connected to a Helpout, you can not only talk, but share your computer screen as well (say you need to share notes or collaborate on something).
And if the
experience doesn’t live up to your
expectations, Google says it’s offering a full
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