Online chat rooms and networks: Safety tips


There are a growing number of articles on
online chat room safety tips. A great number of them have to do with child safety. While monitoring your children while they are online can help avoid this issue in the first place, there are a few common sense tips that can even apply to uninformed adults.

For example, when chatting online it is a good idea to have a “fake ID” or a screen name. It is best to use something that is easy to remember and even gender neutral

if one is overly concerned. People should never immediately share personal information either. They should not share real last names,home phone numbers or street addresses.

An online chat room user should never share
personal online passwords either especially if the user uses the same password for multiple accounts/purposes.

One should not click links posted by strangers. The links could be virus-related. It is also possible that people who are software experts can post links that can steal the user’s personal information as well.

This is also a good policy when it comes to unknown files. A user should never download or even open a file he/she does not recognize for the same reasons.

Also, while it’s enjoyable to share photos
online these same computer experts can use the photo-sharing software to send out viruses to other people’s computers.

Finally, even an adult should never meet strangers from online without proper preparation.

Spend time talking to the person online—perhaps on a cell phone—then make your first meeting in a public place. Online chat rooms and networking sites can be safe and enjoyable if you’re smart. is your one-stop online news magazine blog. We report credible information as they happen. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get Latest Information.

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