Presidential Committee on National
Dialogue, Senator Femi Okurounmu, on Wednesday, said inputs from political parties would not be considered so as not to politicise the process.

“There is room to integrate all inputs of interest groups except those of political parties”.

“This national dialogue is not a political process. We want to ensure that this programme is not politicised”.

He said that the planned national dialogue was for all Nigerians in spite of their political leanings.Okurounmu said that it was important for his committee to ensure that political parties did not undermine the goals of the national conference.

“The dialogue is for Nigerians and
not for political parties and as such
we do not want them involved on
that platform” he said.

He said the committee would integrate the relevant outcomes of past constitutional and political reform programmes organised by past regimes.

“We will accommodate the relevant aspects of every reform in the past in our report to Mr President” he said.

The Chairman said scepticism about the dialogue amongst “even die hard sceptics” had waned drastically.

“The move by the president to convene this conference has been widely accepted and acclaimed as a positive act.

“Majority of Nigerians have endorsed it and are providing their inputs, suggestions and views on the way forward for our country.

“Even those who were initially sceptical are now having a u-turn,” he said. (NAN)

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