Fuel Scarcity:Women throws caution to the winds,climb train's head to get to destination

The biting fuel scarcity in Lagos and several other towns and cities across the country may have forced women to join men who had been notorious in taking a ride atop the roof of trains.

Nigerian Railway Corporation’s (NRC)
Taskforce for arresting passengers who sit on the roof of train coaches were yesterday stunned to see women among such passengers.

The defiant women joined their male
counterparts due to congestion in the

The congestion witnessed in the train services. since Monday due to the current fuel scarcity in the country was worsened by the reduction of train services from four to three.

Defiant passengers, including women who are desperate to get to their destinations threw caution to the wind and climbed onto the roof of coaches, while many others merely clung. on to the sides of the train.

The members of the taskforce could not take any action because of the congestion that led to people sitting on the roof was beyond comprehension.

The number of passengers on the roof was more than those in the coaches.

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