Mastubation is a sin,dont indulge in it!

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And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being
filled with all unrighteousness , sexual immorality…Romans1:28-29.

This is the confession of one of the girls I’ve. counseled. I made a covenant to God not to ever defile myself when I was in JSS2. as I was growing, I started
struggling with controlling my sexual urge till one day,my friend advised me to masturbate since I’ve promised God not to ever have sex till I’m married. I
took to my friend’s advice and started
masturbating believing that I’m still keeping to the dictate of my covenant with God but one day I heard a sermon on radio and I was convicted and God told me to come and met with you. After counseling her, she repented of masturbation.

This may be the story of most of you; you might believe masturbation is not a sin. Most preachers also say masturbation is not a sin. I’ve read in the news that well known pastor also
said same. But the truth is,masturbation is sexual immorality.

Where does sex culminate? Is it not when we release or reach orgasm? So, whether we release or reach orgasm by sleeping with the opposite sex or we
reach it by self stimulating ourselves, it’s the same.

You shall not commit sexual immorality
(paraphrased). Ex. 20:14. Sexual immorality includes arousing your
sexual organs through animate or inanimate things.

God won’t instruct you to do what He hasn’t given you the grace to do. You can live your life without masturbating or involving yourself into any other form
of sexual immorality. You are not a virgin if you masturbate. Keep away from
masturbation, its sexual immorality. I pray that the Holy Spirit would give you the divine enablement to decease from every form of sexual. immorality in
Jesus name. Amen.

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