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THIS week finally put to an end the mysterious disappearance of MH370,now the whole world know the ill-fated aircraft crashed in the Indian ocean, though some people still don’t believe this story. We are all waiting anxiously for the multinational search team to provide some evidence in the coming days to convince all of us that the plane truly crashed in the ocean .

MY Takes This Week

Playing Politics With Terrorism: The PDP and APC have been throwing banters at each other. The parties are accusing each other of being behind the Boko Haram insurgency. The PDP has specifically mentioned the names of former head of state Rtd Gen Muhammud Buhari and Former Minister of FCT Nasir El rufai as being the backbone of Boko Haram. The PDP further alleged that the Insurgents was created to frustrate the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan,because the president is from a minority ethnic group. These accusations and counter accusations about the insurgency that has claimed more than 1000 lives this years alone really speak volume of how unpatriotic and irresponsible these politicians are. Some weeks ago,a prominent member of the APC,Senator Bukola Saraki suggested a bipartisan solution to the menace of Boko Haram but for the PDP to bring a new twist of ethnicity into the fray,really shows clearly that the PDP led Federal government is clueless about the solution to Boko Haram menace. As 2015 election approaches,it will be interesting to see how the PDP will adduced many of its failings to ethnicity.

The City of Ibadan—The House of Horror
The yoruba people call it “Ajaa Ile” meaning dungeon. I first heard about the existence of such horrific places some years ago on a popular programme “Nkan Mbe” anchored by the late Kolawole Olawuyi. The horror place discovered in Soka,Ibadan is an exact description of Ajaa Ile. It is so barbaric that such horrific activities is still taking place in Nigeria. One of the reasons why horror places like Soka still exist is because the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are highly placed people,many of such places have been discovered before and the perpetrators will either not be found or series of adjournment will paralyse the case if they are eventually arrested. While other people in the world are developing their nations,we are busy sacrificing ourselves for rituals. The demands for these human parts for rituals will definitely be on the increase as the general election approaches because our unscrupulous politicians are desperate to get to power,no matter the means.

Between KFC and Mr Biggs
The sad story of Mr Biggs,the once famous fast food joint is so pathetic. I promised a 11-year old boy a trip to Mr Biggs if he did well in his exams and I was surprised by his response,he said “God forbid, Mr Biggs no way when there is a better place like KFC”.His statement made me remembered the good old days– like 10 years ago when Mr Biggs was the biggest brand in the fast food industry. Within 10years or so,so many things has changed,Mr Biggs has refused to fine-tune and step up their game–It is so obvious their patronage has tremendously reduced. The world is moving at a very fast pace with so many innovations and inventions,anybody or organisation that want to remain relevant and profitable really need to follow the momentum unless they will be left behind. Brands like Domino Pizza,KFC are now dominant in the fast food sector while the fortunes of old brands like Mr Biggs is dwindling. Lesson for all, is the need to continue to learn, re- brand and step-up in this jet age.

David Moyes—From the Chosen One To the Wrong One
A success without a successor is a failure,but Sir Alex Ferguson is not a failure by all standard. Sir Alex successor at Old Trafford,David Moyes has struggled and failed again and again. Many die-hard supporters of the red devils no longer watch their matches for the fear of another heart break. I think what the management of Manchester United have in mind by the choice of David Moyes is the big picture of the future,they want to build a long time project just like sir Alex did. The likes of Chelsea FC,Manchester City FC and PSG, courtesy of their billionaire owners are fond of buying “mercenaries” players to become an overnight success. This has destroyed the long time project philosophy of many clubs because of their myopic fans–who always pressurise the management of the club to get rid of “non-performing” coaches. Moyes’ results at Everton FC are really credible enough for him to succeed at Man United. The Moyes’ predicament is a signpost to the problem confronting most of us,people are so myopic,they only want an instant result and become an overnight success. Maybe words like patience,endurance and delayed gratification has been removed from the dictionary. Manchester United fans please persevere with Moyes,he will take you to the promise land!Little patience please.

Rest in Peace MH370 Passengers
With a sorrowful heart I say rest in peace to all the 239 people aboard the ill- fated MH370.May God give their families the fortitude to bear this irreparable lost.

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