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THIS WEEK ended on a very sad note. The Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment exercise recorded a lot of fatalities across the nation. The government is supposed to be a template for excellence, instead what we have in this part of the world is first class ineptitude and incompetence. The scarcity of jobs in our country is a time bomb. Something need to be done immediately to curb this menace.

Billions Flying Everywhere
The dust generated by the missing $20billion in the NNPC account is yet to settle, yet more missing and misappropriated funds were reported during the week. I was stunned when I read a report from Delta state by Chief Edwin Clark, accusing the Speaker of the state House of Assembly,Rt Hon Victor Ochei of N27 billion naira fraud. The money is meant for the Power Project in Ughelli,the Chief accused the Speaker of diverting the fund. This is impunity and financial reckless of the highest order. Is the speaker supposed to be a contractor of the state government?The EFCC/ICPC is officially dead and buried,God help Nigeria!Also,during the week N24 billion Police Pension Fund was reported missing but Okonjo Iweala has swiftly dismissed the report but Nigerians need more than official denial,we need proofs,the statement of account of the Police Pension Fund should be published. We can’t trust this Administration considering it has treated corruption with kid-glove.

Shell’s Damaging Report
Shell while presenting its annual report said it lost a whopping sum of $1 billion dollars to oil theft in Nigeria. Shell further said that due to the rising risks of doing business in Nigeria,it has stopped any form of significant investment in Nigeria for the past 6 to 7 years. This report is a dent on our nation’s economy,no wise investor will invest money in a very risky atmosphere. Our leaders keep junketing from one part of the world to the other in the name of looking for foreign investors. An investor friendly environment will attract huge investment to our country with little or no persuasion, because we have got the market. We need to put our house in order. No investor will be happy to hear a multinational company spend $34 billion dollars to maintain it generators annually. This oil theft is seriously haemorrhaging our economy. We need to woke up and stop this wanton wastage in our economy.

Before it is too late
Now,Boko Haramist have the audacity to attack the convoy of governors,I wonder who is safe in our country. The convoy of Adamawa state governor was reportedly attacked by some Boko Haram guys and the convoy of Benue state governor was also attacked during the week by allegedly Fulani herdsmen. I think I am beginning to agree with the governor of Borno state, Kashim Shettima that Boko Haram are more equipped,sophisticated and better motivated than Nigerian Military. We need to combat these terrorists now,enough is enough,these bloodsheds must end NOW before it too late when Boko Haram will have the audacity to attack the president’s convoy and probably take over Aso rock

Bloody Recruitment
The recruitment exercise carried by Nigeria Immigration Service on Saturday turned fatal,many Job seekers died and many were hospitalised. The NIS has a lot of questions to answer. I will raise some of the questions here: 520,000 applicants applied for just 4556 spaces,each paid N1000,how was this money expended? Couldn’t they have stopped application when the number of applicants had tripled? Why should they book a center whose capacity is less than the number of applicants? Questions,questions and more questions but definitely somebody must pay for this ineptitude and maladministration.

The Uli Hoeness Mess
The President of best team on planet earth, Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeness was sentenced to three and half years in prison for tax evasion. It is very unfortunate that Uli Hoeness can indulge in such a shameless acts. I hope his incarceration will not stop the momentum of the high flying Bavarians.
This quick dispensation of justice should be a lesson for us here,if it were to be Naija,ceaseless adjournment will bedevil the case ,eventually the case will be thrown out. The truth is that we are not yet ready to fight corruption!

Have a splendid week
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