Students lynched kidnappers in Calabar

Luck ran out on a suspected kidnap gang as three of them were lynched yesterday by an angry mob along Ette Agbor road in Calabar municipality of Cross River State for allegedly kidnapping three women.

The gang, which was said to have been operating in Calabar south for quite a while now, had allegedly abducted three women along Uwnase Street about 5:pm yesterday at gun point.

An eye witness said that the incident happened about 4:00 pm when a white Audi 80 saloon car pulled up in front  of the women and two hefty men came out and accosted them with a gun, ordering them to enter the car or be shot immediately.

Without wasting time, the women hurriedly entered the car and the gang drove off. But luck was said to have ran out on the gang along Ette Agbor by Mary Slessor roundabout at 4:20pm when the kidnappers were trapped in a trafficc gridlock and a lady was sighted shouting “please help me kidnappers! kid­appers!”

At that point, the security men at the University of Calabar gate with some students quickly sighted the women shouting and moved towards the car believing that they were students. On getting there, the kidnappers jumped out of the car and ran into the campus for safety. But the students and the security men went after them and caught the three of them and subsequently beat them to a pulp after realising that they actually kidnapped the women.

The security man said in spite of moves to save the men; the male students used heavy sticks to hit them consistently. Without wasting time, we had to call men of the Quick Intervention Squad of the Nigerian Army who came and salvaged the situation; else they would have been killed. As they arrived, the whole mob dispersed and the suspected kidnappers were taken to the police station for further interrogation,” he said.

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