UNICEF to pay girls in Sokoto 20,000 naira to attend School

In a more pragmatic strategy to reduce the number of out of school children in Nigeria,  UNICEF Monday launched the Cash for Girls’ Education Programme in Sokoto State.

The programme entails thousands of girls in northern Nigeria  receiving cash to pay for textbooks and other school-related costs, as part of a UNICEF-supported programme – launched in Sokoto Monday.

The programme is seen as an incentive  aimed at encouraging parents to send their daughters to school.

At the ceremony outside the primary school in Wurno Local Government Area in Sokoto, several mothers received a first quarter payment of 5,000 naira (US $ 31) for each daughter aged 6 to 15, the first payment of an annual 20,000 naira.

Speaking at the event, Head of UNICEF in North Central and North West, Utpal Moitra said “an educated girl will have a better life, as will her family. We know that educated girls will have healthier children. Every additional year of schooling further reduces the probability of child mortality.”


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