You will never be successful without these 3 habits

Whether or not you realise it, what you do on a daily basis forms the core of who you are and how successful you are in life.

Recently, I read an article listing the routines of top CEOs, world leaders, stars, and other notable figures. What I found interesting was the fact that no two routines were exactly alike.

That being said, there were a few key habits shared by many of the world’s most successful people — habits that anyone can adopt.

So, though you’ll have to discover what a successful routine looks like for you, you can start implementing these habits of success today.

3 Habits of Success

• Make sleep a priority

I don’t care who you are — consistent sleep deprivation will negatively impact every area of your life. It doesn’t matter when you sleep, but that you sleep, and enough. Some people (like President Obama) are night owls and find they work best late at night when there’s nothing to distract them.

Morning people (like former president George W. Bush) find that “early to bed, early to rise”…well, you know the rest. The key is to ensure that rest is a priority in your life, since it will improve the quality of your waking hours.

•  Allow yourself down time

Just as our bodies are designed to need rest, so are our minds. The advent of mental work that doesn’t involve physical labor has given many people the illusion that they can work incessantly without any negative affects. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Giving yourself mental breaks — even for fifteen minutes during the day or an hour before bed — can alleviate mental stress and greatly boost your outlook, vitality, creativity, and general ability to succeed in your work. Trying to cram work into every nook and cranny of our days is yielding negative effects on our productivity, decision-making abilities, and general health.

• Unplug from technology

Even if you think you’re enjoying down time, beware of too much time spent on social media, the Internet, or other technology. Besides the eye strain from staring at screens, being constantly subject to an onslaught of information is not relaxing.

Consider switching out your iPad for a book, or playing a board game. Simply unplugging your phone for a few hours and interacting with the world directly in front of you is a good place to start. However you do it, find time to reconnect with yourself and build habits that lead to success.

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