2015 Election: Group threatens to attack AIT facilities if Buhari fails to win


Daar communications plc. owner of AIT and RayPower Fm has received a threat letter from a group which calls itself Coalition Of Northern Nigeria Muslim Youths.

In the letter, the group threatens to attack Daar’s investments in the Northern Nigeria.

In its word, the group says Daar communications staff and investments will face violent and drastic extinction unless general Muhammadu Buhari emerges victorious in the postponed general elections.

The letter issued by one Abdulkadir Idris warned that daar communications has cross a deadly line in its operations.

Daar communications broadcast facilities which are AIT and RayPower operate in some states in the north.

AIT has in recent weeks been broadcasting a documentary on the regime of All Progressives Congress Presidential candidates, Muhammadu Buhari when he was the head of state.

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