Dubai bans young Nigerians under 40 from visiting country

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The government of United Arab Emirates has banned Nigerian nationals under the age of 40 years from visiting their country.

This was contained in a release by the UAE Embassy in Lagos. The release reads


Please be informed that the UAE immigrations has placed an age restriction on the below nationals:

For Nigerians, please note the following:

*Single Ladies / Men travelling alone should be 40 years old and above.

*Married women travelling with children should be above 40 years old.

*Ladies / Men who are less than 40 years old will be allowed to travel if accompanied by someone who is above 40 and bears the same surname with them.

All visa applications are subject to approval. Once applied, full charges are applicable.

*In order to clear a file from the system, a cancellation charge of AED 110will be applicable should a request be rejected by the immigration department.

*For Moroccans, Algerians, Libyans, Mauritanians and Tunisians nationality, minimum age requirement is 40 to apply the visa.

*For the rest of the nationalities, minimum age requirement to apply the visa is 21 years old for men and 23 years old for women is your one-stop online news magazine blog. We report credible information as they happen. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get Latest Information.

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