How Driver,Security guard murdered Ex-FUTA VC

A week after he was “abducted”, former   Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Vice-Chancellor, Prof Albert Ilemobade’s body was discovered yesterday in a store in his Ijapo home in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The store, a small isolated room outside the main building ,is where cables are kept.

It was learnt that the former Chairman of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors was “murdered” by his driver, Yemi, and guard Daniel.

Prof Ilemobade retired from FUTA in 1995 after serving two terms as VC.

He was almost 80.

The suspects were arrested in Ogun State while trying to sell the late Ilemobade’s car.

Sources said they  confessed during interrogation that the Sport Utility Van (SUV) belonged to their boss and that they “murdered” him.

His decomposing  remains have been taken to the morgue.

The late Ilemobade, his driver and guard were last Monday declared missing.

It was initially believed  the former VC was abducted, prompting relatives, church members and friends to pray and call for his release.

The Vicar-in-charge, Vinning College of Theology, Akure, Dr. Ayodeji Fagbemi, described the death as shocking, saying many thought he was kidnapped.

He said: “We were together in church on Sunday. It was Father’s Day last Sunday and, as usual, he was very active in our Bible study, making his contribution. During the time of thanksgiving, he danced.

Prof Albert Ilemobade

Prof Albert Ilemobade

“On Monday morning, we were called that he was missing. It was a very disturbing development for us. We came here straight away. The police and all of us met at the gate.

“Right from the front, the gate was padlocked. There was no way anybody could get in. Mama was inside and we were out there. We could only exchange words. Later, we called someone to cut the padlocks.

“When we entered, we saw his wristwatch just in front of the security post within the compound. We also found that his slippers had been flung to the other side of the road. We noticed that his red car had been taken away.

“We have since been around, church members, friends and everybody to support them, to encourage Mama.”

Fagbemi said he sent a text message to his phone number and his children were doing the same to encourage him.

He said: “It got to a stage that we were all getting agitated, wondering why it was taking time to release him.

“We were still hoping that with our efforts and prayers and efforts of the security operatives that his abductors would be apprehended and that he would be returned to us.

“Everyday, our people have been coming here to pray. Even today, we still prayed for him. But I was called to come and see them here. In fact, mama was resting.

“I was told that he was actually killed. It was a shocking one. I had to go back to the church to disperse the people and tell them the news. While we were thinking that he was taken away, he must have been killed here.”

A  source in the family said the late Ilemobade might have been killed because he just bought a new vehicle.

“Papa bought a vehicle recently and since then we have got information that they wanted to steal that vehicle.

“Earlier in the year, he was trailed by some unknown persons who wanted to snatch his vehicle, but he escaped. I think it was that vehicle that they wanted to sell.

“I can’t imagine that our gateman was even the brain behind this. Papa took him as his son.”

Commissioner of Police Isaac Eke confirmed the incident.

He said he had been contacted by the Ogun State Police Command, adding that the two suspects had been arrested and that they would be paraded today. is your one-stop online news magazine blog. We report credible information as they happen. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get Latest Information.

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