Boko Haram Attacks New Army Chief’s Home

Chief of Army Staff- Major GeneralTukur Baratai

Suspected Boko Haram militants on Tuesday burned down houses, including the family home of the new Chief of Army Staff, Major-General Tukur Baratai, in a village in the North-east of the country, a policeman, military source and witnesses told Reuters.

At least two people were killed and eight injured in Buratai, Borno State, a resident, Adamu Talba and the military source said, but General Baratai was not present at the time of the attack in the early hours of Tuesday.

After being pushed out of most of the territory they gained earlier this year, the group scattered and returned to attacking soft targets. is your one-stop online news magazine blog. We report credible information as they happen. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get Latest Information.

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