Revealed! how former Bauchi governor gave out 64 cars 24 hours to handover

The recovery committee set up by Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar has recovered 64 vehicles from officials of the Isa Yuguda administration.

Chairman of the committee, retired Air Commodore Ahmed Tijjani Baba, told newsmen that  the allocation was not done in accordance with the law.

Tijjani Baba said the vehicles were recovered from highly placed individuals including politicians, former commissioners, special advisers and top civil servants.

Former governor of Bauchi- Isa Yuguda

Former governor of Bauchi- Isa Yuguda

He said the vehicles were given to the beneficiaries on May 28, 2015, a day to the end of the past administration.

He added that the committee discovered that the vehicles were purchased by the last administration between January and May 2015, and auctioned to the beneficiaries.

“Any vehicle that has not been used for up to three years is supposed to be returned to the service pool when the officer with it is leaving office,” he said.

He alleged that the regulation was illegally amended by the last administration in 2010, to grant the state governor powers to auction vehicles below three years.
“That gives him right to auction vehicles upon an application by an allottee, but it has to be referred to the board of survey, which will determine the price to be paid. A highly placed former government official wrote on behalf of ten other beneficiaries on May 28, 2015, to the governor and requested for the vehicles without referring it to board of survey, the body vested with the responsibility of auctioning such vehicles,” he said.

He said some of the beneficiaries who discovered that the auction exercise was illegal, voluntarily returned the vehicles to the committee.
The chairman assured that the committee would ensure that all vehicles illegally auctioned are recovered.

He said in spite of threats issued by some of the beneficiaries, his committee would not relent in its efforts.

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