Popular Nollywood actor cries out for help

Popular Nollywood actor,  Tajudeen Oyewole aka Abija has cried out to Nigerians to come to his aid as he is now  living from hand to mouth.

The actor who regularly feature n the Yoruba movies genre now limps no thanks to a ghastly auto-crash he was involved in sometimes in 2007.

Despite all his fame, Abija revealed that it hasn’t translated to money. “I am not rich; I don’t have a roof over my head, which is part of measuring one’s wealth in this part of the world; I don’t even have a land. And it’s not because I am not serious or that I’m a prodigal son; the money realised from acting is just not much, or even enough, as people out there or our fans think. I am prudent and I have only one wife. But having said that, I cannot say that I am not a rich man, because I have children higher institutions, although I may not be rich in cash.”

Abija who is still limping as a result of the ghastly motor accident back in 2007, says he is just lucky to be alive. He said it happened on his way back from a film location: “I went with my crew to shoot my new film ‘Ibinu Abija’ and on our way back late in the evening; I hit a big brick road divider along Canaan Land, which position had been changed by the road constructors, without any sign. I ran into it with my Toyota Camry. But thank God, I was not speeding. My hip dislocated, while the lady, an artiste sitting by the driver’s side died immediately. Another woman sitting behind me was seriously injured. I also thank God for Otunba Ajawesola Ayinde Busari, who assisted me, and stood by me. That film will hit the market soon, and believe me; you will learn a lot from it.

“I want Nigerians to help me in my career. I need sponsors. I am not a greedy person. I believe in Allah. People interestingly call me Alhaji, although I am yet to visit Mecca. The only car I own was condemned in that accident. As I speak, it probably would have been towed away by government agencies. I will appreciate every help that comes my way.

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