2016: Full text of Rev Mbaka’s New Year Prophetic Message

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Rev Father Mbaka 2016 Prophesy

Full text of Rev Mbaka’s New Year Prophetic Message

Fiery Catholic Priest and Founder, Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka,Friday, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to be on his guards, prophesying that alleged beneficiaries of massive corruption perpetrated during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration would plot to kill him.

Read the full text of Rev Mbaka’s New Year Prophetic Message below:

I am not a sycophant; but I want to tell you that so far God is happy and he who God has blessed none can curse. Many peo­ple are planning to kill President Muhammadu Buhari; there are many plans on how to eliminate him so that corruption will continue; so that embezzlement will continue.

“But I speak to Buhari that God who put you there will protect you; be firm, remain resolute, don’t be intimidated; President Buhari, God and his people are behind you, you are the answer to the prayer of His people.

“In 2013, there was a proph­ecy that there was going to be an oil doom after several years of oil boom, and when that message came out of this ground, many started call­ing me a prophet of doom.

“How can there be oil doom in oil boom? And the oil price contin­ued to climb, but the message said people should start to gather as in the days of Joseph, that the people in government should continue to gather, let them stop squandering our wealth; but they never listened; throughout the six years we passed in the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, over N140 per barrel, but the mes­sage kept coming, don’t mind the oil boom, there is going to be oil doom, our politicians stop embezzling our wealth but they said the money will continue to come, our oil will con­tinue to flow.

“During these moments of the oil boom, there was excess crude money, they didn’t know what to do with our money, when our youths were suffering and still suf­fering, graduates had no jobs, new industries were not built, our roads were not reconstructed, our hospi­tals were in shambles and total col­lapse; our educations systems were in shambles and these politicians were building good schools out­side the country, Ghana, etc, even hospitals in South Africa, and other neighbouring countries and when any of them is sick, he will be flown outside the country because there is no hospital in the country worthy of authentic medication, you can­not find any country in Nigeria that has worthy diagnostic facilities; not one; the entire money voted for hospitals was looted out, corruption was in quantum, to the level that the Nigerian Bishops had to convene a prayer against bribery and corrup­tion and enjoined all Catholics to be praying that prayer daily.

“All the money voted for roads was swindled; many of them be­came millionaires, billionaires over night in naira, in dollars, in pounds, in euro when they have no workshop; no business centre; somebody who has nothing doing, just because he is a politician, and they wasted our oil money, now the doom came and there is no prepara­tion for it; the economy of Nigeria is an oil-based economy.

“My beloved Nigerians, those who led us from last year down­wards, have killed this country; none of them is qualified to stay in this country by now, both the President, the Senators, the Reps, the chairmen of local governments, the governors, they are wicked; it doesn’t matter the man of God they worship with; I tell you, be­fore God and man, all of them are wicked; they hate this country, they succeeded in removing the liver, kidney and cardio vascular system of this country, and handed over to President Buhari, shambles, skel­etal organs of this country; a nation that is sick.

“Nigeria, as we speak now, eco­nomically, security wise is in the intensive care unit; if the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will die, peo­ple of God prayed, from here and there and God gave us Buhari. God has told us that Buhari is prayer answered; President Buhari is an answered prayer; whether you hate him or like him, Buhari is prayer answered; the Bishops of Nige­ria, the Catholic Bishops prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a charter that has to do with war against cor­ruption; all the prayers we have been doing about bribery and cor­ruption, God answered it in Buhari who decided not to discriminate; there is nothing like religious or political discrimination in Buhari’s government.


He needs all the support, unstop­pable support; spiritual and other­wise; because if he is not the man in power now, had it been the last regime continued, by now, Nigeria would be for sale. All the monies voted to buy this and but that few people stole it; but we see jobless­ness, many have died because of a few people, and these same people want to use you to engineer crisis that Igbo are marginalized, nobody is marginalized; nobody marginal­ized us;

“Can you eat your cake and still have it? Our past looters, not leaders, you may not understand, thieves in political positions, have eaten the cake of this country and now everybody is suffering it; the youths are suffering it, they want to tell you that you are marginalized; the Yorubas are not marginalized; the Hausas are not marginalized, Efik people are not marginalized; and it is only you people that are marginalized.

“In the present political sce­nario, the Igbo have the position of minister for external affairs in the person of Onyeama; the Igbo peo­ple have the position of science and tech in the person of Ogbonnaya Onu; if you go to Abia, you have industry and commerce, coming back to Anambra you have labour and productivity and the problem of our country today is unemploy­ment and once there are jobs, there will be no kidnapping.

“The Igbo in the North are do­ing well; the Igbo in the West too, go to Alaba, they are treated with kindness, why are we engineering things that don’t exist; and like I said before, those saying this have their children abroad and they want to use you.”


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